Christmas at Hollytree

What a nice time/way to start my blog. When I first walked into Hollytree I imagined where my tree would go in fact thats how I judged most of the houses we viewed.  I love  decorating for Christmas, playing out traditions, creating new ones, spending time with family and friends it’s such a special time. I have been looking forward to this Christmas all year the first one in our new home.

Christmas Eve

We (me & my fiancé Dave) have a little tradition we started a few years ago we go out for tea with Mollie (my step daughter) and her little sister. It’s such a nice thing to see the girls so excited for Santa coming that night we always take them their bags from the pyjama elf with matching pj’s, a book and Christmas sweets. The girls get so excited with their little bags.

Christmas Day

This year was the start of a new tradition (hopefully) usually me and Dave  do a whistle stop tour of our families houses so this year we had everyone come to us. The day started with just me and Dave swapping presents thankfully he loved his coffee maker & wallet and I definitely loved my Kate Spade shoes and phone case. Dave went to collect Mollie and our families came to Hollytree. It was so magical seeing Mollie excited, happy and grateful for all her gifts. This year was the year off the Hatchimal, bike, make-up and little mix tickets one lucky little girl.img_5803

Dave made the most delicious Christmas dinner while I played at being hostess he is definitely the better cook in the relationship. Mollie took her bike out for a spin and came back with her dad on the most perfect bike for me a Somerby Victoria Pendleton I love it! The day ended with board games and Christmas cocktails. Fingers crossed this is the first of many.

Boxing Day

We took our new bikes for a spin around our little village followed by Christmas dinner round two. Later that day Dave’s sister and brother in law with their four year old triplets came to visit they live in Hong Kong so it was their first visit to Hollytree.


Jessica x

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