Our Easter Sunday

This year Easter Sunday has ended up being on a week that we have Mollie (she has a week with us a week with her mum). I was a little bit excited about this I love creating  Easter egg hunts I get far too into writing the clues and I worry that the next time Mollie has an Easter with us the magic of the Easter Bunny will have gone so I wanted to make this one the best yet. We are so blessed with our garden it is perfect for an Easter egg hunt I was just praying the weather would be on our side as it had forecast rain and it would have totally spoilt it (luckily we were ok).

Mollie with her letter from the Easter Bunny

Hi Mollie,

I’m really sorry but when I was visiting your new house to bring you your Easter treats I had so much fun playing with the other rabbits, chickens, Quails & ducks that by the time I came to deliver your Easter treats they were all gone. I’ve had a really big think and I’ve left you some clues to where I was playing, I hope you find them all.

Love from Easter Bunny Xx

Clue 1

When I first got to your garden I hoped over a giant gate there was a rabbit waiting for me she took me to this strange looking house with lots of pieces of trees in it she said her and her friends sometimes hide behind it when cars come onto the drive, we sat in there for a while to wait for her brother maybe you will find a treat in there.

Mollie found her first egg in the log store.

Clue 2

Her brother took me up to the top of the garden there was a little flag and some sand I went for a nibble in his burrow and then I was on my way, maybe you will find treats there (I hope you do).

Mollie on the way to Daddy’s first hole of his garden golf course.


Clue 3

Next I met some ducks they said we bet you can’t jump across the lake onto the island so I did my best stretches and boy did I jump far, so far I nearly fell off the other side of the island into the water and I hate water! Maybe you will find a treat around there (I hope nothing fell in).


FullSizeRender 23FullSizeRender 21

FullSizeRender 22
I think was her favourite part of the hunt

Clue 4

After all that I started to make my way back towards your house after all I did have a job to do. Along the way I got a little lost I went through an arch way and was stood next to a tree with curly branches I think there was another little flag nearby. I went up a little hill and from there I could see your house so set back off towards it. I’d take a look there because I did sit under that tree to catch my breath.


Clue 5

On my way back to the house I met some more rabbits we were near some really big trees and we decided to see who could jump the highest we thought maybe one of us could jump as high as the trees. I knew it would be me, being the Easter bunny I have to be able to jump really high to get over things (like your big gate) but I got a little bit silly and instead of just jumping up I also jumped forward and landed in the trees. I managed to climb back down. Don’t worry I’m not stuck there now I’m certain treats will be though!


Clue 6

After climbing down I herd some funny noises coming from some little houses so I went to investigate. There were chickens & quails. I let them out to play I hope you don’t mind. (Check there)



Clue 7

I hopped past a few wooden houses and then came really close to your house when I met a lovely rabbit family there was Lilly (the mummy) and Daisy, Daffy, lavender, Poppy, Petal & Tulip they have a beautiful home in the flowers. We had lots of fun. Check near the flowers if you see the girls say hi from me.


Clue 8

After all that fun I went in the little house with brown windows near the big grey box. I had a bounce (I love to bounce) on the bed & the couch (don’t tell your dad and Jess but they make really good trampolines).

She found a basket of goodies next door (we have an annex)

Clue 9

I finally managed to get to your house, thank you for the carrot. I love carrots! That drink you made me was DELICIOUS I wish everyone made me drinks like that (I would love the recipe). I did manage to get one treat into your house. I went upstairs and found you fast asleep you have some lovely toys I’ve hidden your last treat in there. Happy Easter!!

FullSizeRender 24
Even Henry got involved. 
All our Easter treats even Henry & Sheldon’s 

Happy Easter everyone! Thanks to our family for all our Easter treats. I hope you enjoyed our Easter egg hunt as much as us & are having a good Easter.

Jessica x

Shopping for/with an 8 year old

Mollie has had a growth spurt recently and literally everything doesn’t fit anymore so Sunday we hit the shops and had a family day out to Meadowhall (our local mall). When I first met Mol she hated shopping but I think judging on Sundays trip I have changed her into a mini shopper. I love shopping for Mol I get to dress her up or at least I used to. This trip I realised she is developing her own taste and definitely knows her own mind. When I was trying to put her in ruffled shirts and the little dresses over a t-shirt she simply refused to even take them into the changing rooms. Dave was no help he just agreed with her, I’m not sure he likes all my style choices in fact most of the clothing I own he has something to say about them (Hamburglar, lumberjack and the newest one a comic strip of breaking bad). I never normally care what he thinks about my fashion choices but Sunday he was rubbing off on Mol and that was not fun, so with the shopping we had to play it safe and let Mol have some say. I did manage to steer her away from the sequin t-shirts where if you brush it one way it is one emoji and then brush it the other direction a different emoji (Dave was still team Mol on these tops). We didn’t manage to get everything she needed as the hanger set in on all three of us so we called it a day and hit TGI’s.

Here are some of our purchases from the trip.

FullSizeRender 12
Jacket & Top from H&M  Jeans Next

Image result for zara cropped plush sweater
Cropped Jumper from Zara

Image result for zara BASIC EMBROIDERED T-SHIRT
T-shirt from Zara

The Cardigan is from Zara
Image result for zara long tiger dress

Mollie chose this dress from Zara

These are some of the things I wanted Mol to try.

The dresses on the left are from Next and the ones on the right are from Zara. I’m going to keep working on her, I may even play the aunty card, she loves my younger sister she’s “the cool aunt” so if she suggests it maybe I might get her to at least try them on…

Jess x

Meet Sheldon

So we have a cat called Sheldon (yes named after Sheldon Cooper Dave’s doing). I have always said I will never have a cat since I can remember I’ve been uncomfortable around cats the way they look at you so unpredictable, they climb curtains, Christmas trees, walk on counter tops and the thought of a litter tray! Mollie has always wanted cat and I’ve always said no, no way, not ever (evil step mum moment).

Anyways we moved to the countryside which means there are mice (which I have an irrational fear of I mean burst into tears irrational) in the fields around us and I don’t want them so I was talked into getting a cat. Our friends had three kittens that had been abandoned in a layby near their house (how anyone can do this is beyond me). I was sent pictures and they were super cute so you guessed it we got one. When we told Mollie she burst into tears saying I never ever thought I would get a cat, she was so excited.

How could I say no!

What came with him was the biggest scratching post you have ever seen that just keeps getting moved around the house it’s not the nicest pieces of furniture and a litter tray. Other than that dare I say it I have loved having a cat hopefully this isn’t the start of my transition into crazy cat lady. The kitten that was going to live in the summer house and outside lives in the house and is treated like a prince by all of us. Even Henry (our dog) loves him they make lots of mischief together and when they are not doing that they are snuggled up for a nap. Getting Sheldon has also given Mollie some responsibility she feeds him everyday without complaining and hoovers up the litter he kicks around. Watching her playing with him wearing ski gloves so he doesn’t claw her is hilarious but she really does love her little cat.

The last few weeks for me have been a love/hate relationship with him he has ruined one of my leather breakfast stools & bit me because I dared to try and stop him from doing it. The icing on the cake was when Mollie was laughing pointing at the cat who was pulling his ass across my cream carpet leaving a brown snail trail behind him (in my head he was off back in the summer house at this point). He has also been acting really strange making noises and rubbing against things when I have googled his symptoms it says my male cat is in heat so this week are off to the vet to find out if Sheldon is in fact a Shelly. I will keep you posted!



Mollie & Sheldon


The day he tried to join me in the bath.



Reasons I want to marry you

Last month I went for a girls day out to London with my bestie. As we were passing time (shopping) waiting to see the final matinee performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory we stumbled upon the nicest little (since realised global chain) stationary shop Kikki K I walked in and was in stationary heaven I love anything stationary related any note book/diary/journal I can write in, or quirky cards I can send to friends and family. I could have spent a fortune but after already doing far too much shopping I limited myself to two books and a card.


The card is for my fiancé for valentines its simple but perfect it says on the front reasons I want to marry you. Ever since I purchased it I’ve been making notes of different things I can write in it. I’ve loved doing it so much that I wanted to put the list out for anyone and everyone to see and also because ****soppy alert**** I’m so grateful that we found each other and I can’t wait to marry my amazing man.


Reasons I want to marry you …

  1.  You make all the amazing things happen (our dream home, our amazing travelling trips and planned trips, our wedding) and for all of this I am truly grateful.
  2. You planned the most perfect proposal any girl could wish for down to every detail, I still pinch myself when I think back to it.
  3. You said from the very start we will be together forever and you truly meant it.
  4. You’re an amazing dad. Watching you with Mollie makes my heart melt.
  5. You are such a good cook and make the best Sunday dinner ever! (Mol agrees)
  6. Every morning you send a have a nice day, I love you text. It brightens up my day.
  7. You know I’m not a morning person so if I have to be up early you set your alarm too to make sure I am up, thank you. x
  8. We can get our geek on together (movie marathons and Harry Potter world).
  9. You are my best friend.
  10. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

I’m not usually the confess my undying love all over social media type of girl but with it being valentines I thought why not…

Jessica x

Christmas at Hollytree

What a nice time/way to start my blog. When I first walked into Hollytree I imagined where my tree would go in fact thats how I judged most of the houses we viewed.  I love  decorating for Christmas, playing out traditions, creating new ones, spending time with family and friends it’s such a special time. I have been looking forward to this Christmas all year the first one in our new home.

Christmas Eve

We (me & my fiancé Dave) have a little tradition we started a few years ago we go out for tea with Mollie (my step daughter) and her little sister. It’s such a nice thing to see the girls so excited for Santa coming that night we always take them their bags from the pyjama elf with matching pj’s, a book and Christmas sweets. The girls get so excited with their little bags.

Christmas Day

This year was the start of a new tradition (hopefully) usually me and Dave  do a whistle stop tour of our families houses so this year we had everyone come to us. The day started with just me and Dave swapping presents thankfully he loved his coffee maker & wallet and I definitely loved my Kate Spade shoes and phone case. Dave went to collect Mollie and our families came to Hollytree. It was so magical seeing Mollie excited, happy and grateful for all her gifts. This year was the year off the Hatchimal, bike, make-up and little mix tickets one lucky little girl.img_5803

Dave made the most delicious Christmas dinner while I played at being hostess he is definitely the better cook in the relationship. Mollie took her bike out for a spin and came back with her dad on the most perfect bike for me a Somerby Victoria Pendleton I love it! The day ended with board games and Christmas cocktails. Fingers crossed this is the first of many.

Boxing Day

We took our new bikes for a spin around our little village followed by Christmas dinner round two. Later that day Dave’s sister and brother in law with their four year old triplets came to visit they live in Hong Kong so it was their first visit to Hollytree.


Jessica x